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Healthology Go-Lax Bowel Formula - Provides a gentle, effective solution for occasional constipation. Go-Lax works to hydrate and soften the stool, promote peristalsis, soothe the gut lining and improve the microbiome. Go-Lax promotes healthy bowel function, without cramping or pain, to support your body’s natural ability to eliminate waste and maintain good overall health. Although we should strive to identify and fix the cause(s) of constipation, we may occasionally need additional support to keep our bowels moving regularly. Go-Lax gently and effectively relieves occasional constipation by stimulating the natural peristaltic action of the colon and drawing water into the bowel to soften stool. Go-Lax does not contain purgative herbs like senna and cascara sagrada, which can cause cramping, pain, and are more likely to cause laxative dependence.

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