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KidStar StarMulti - An easy-to-chew, complete multivitamin and mineral formula with the highest quality essential nutrients. Vitamins and minerals are an essential part of a developing child’s health. It is not possible for children to get the amount of nutrients they need for optimal growth and development from food alone. KidStar StarMulti will help to fill in the nutritional gaps in your child’s diet. StarMulti is designed specifically for growing children. Many vitamin and mineral supplements for children contain inferior forms of nutrients that are not easily absorbed by the body. In addition, many supplement companies add unnecessary additives like sugar, artificial colours, fillers, and flavours. Not only are some of these potentially harmful to a child’s health but these ingredients can hinder the absorption of some essential vitamins and minerals. KidStar StarMulti uses dosages of each nutrient specifically chosen for your child’s needs. StarMulti helps to ensure growing children get the nutrients they need.

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