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CHEWABLE CAL-MAG plus VITAMIN D - Natural Spearmint Flavour

90  Chewable

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Quest Chewable Cal-Mag plus Vitamin D - Natural Spearmint Flavour - Ideal for those who have difficulty swallowing capsules or pills, this delicious spearmint chewable wafer is an excellent source of Calcium. Essential for the development and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth, everyone should be sure to maintain adequate levels of Calcium - especially women who are prone to osteoporosis. Calcium is also vital for proper muscle development and functionality, and helps blood clotting, lowers blood pressure and helps activate many enzymes. When mixed with Vitamin D and other supporting minerals, Calcium's ability to do its job is greatly enhanced. Quest Chewable Cal-Mag is a 2:1 combination of Calcium and Magnesium with Vitamin D for enhanced bio-availability - in delicious chewable wafers. 

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